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Cosmetic Pigments

Are you ready to take your beauty products to the next level? Look no further than Vivify! Our top-notch cosmetic pigments can turn your products into stunning works of art.

Our dedication to quality and constant innovation makes us the ultimate choice for pigments in the industry. 

Our Cosmetic Pigment Portfolio 

At Vivify, we have one of the largest portfolios of effect pigments in the cosmetics industry. With over 1,000 vibrant colors and a variety of substrates to choose from, you’ll find the perfect pigment to match the latest trends or create your unique cosmetic formulations.

Our portfolio includes the following:

Mica, Synthetic Mica, and Glass Flake-Based Pigments

From a subtle shimmer to bolder, dazzling effects, our Mica, Synthetic Mica, and Glass Flake-based pigments deliver stunning results.

Color Travel Pigments

For a touch of magic and intrigue, explore our color travel pigments, available on all three substrates. They allow formulators to create captivating color transformations at various price points.

Matte, Pastel, and Neon Finishes

Achieve the desired aesthetic with our matte, pastel, and neon pigments under our Majestic, Fiesta, and Illumina lines. Whether you want a soft and understated look or a vibrant and attention-grabbing appearance, we have you covered.

Pearlescent Pigments 

Our collection wouldn’t be complete without the classic beauty of pearlescent pigments. These timeless favorites, combined with our other offerings, provide endless possibilities for cosmetic creations.

Why Choose Vivify? 

Unmatched Expertise 

With decades of experience in the cosmetic pigment industry, we have cultivated unparalleled expertise to deliver the finest quality pigments. 

Our experts are committed to maintaining a leading position in the cosmetics industry by staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations. 

Diverse Range of Colors and Substrates 

No matter what your creative vision entails, we’ve got the ideal pigment to turn it into a reality. With our extensive selection of pigments, you’ll have the freedom to explore a multitude of possibilities and craft cosmetics that truly shine and stand out from the crowd. 

Innovation and Customization 

At Vivify, we value innovation and work closely with our customers to provide customized solutions. Whether you need unique pigment blends or help with matching custom colors, we’re here to turn your ideas into reality. 

Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Cosmetic pigments undergo rigorous testing to not only meet but exceed the most stringent industry standards. 

Our process guarantees the safety, reliability, and consistent performance of our products, giving you peace of mind and the confidence that you’re using the best quality pigments in the cosmetics industry. 

Global Reach 

Our products are trusted and used by cosmetics companies worldwide. We’re a reliable partner for businesses of all sizes, whether they operate locally or internationally. With our global presence, we’re always accessible and dependable, no matter where you are.

Interested in Quality Cosmetic Pigments? Contact Vivify Today! 

Transform your cosmetic products with the brilliance of Vivify’s cosmetic pigments. Elevate your brand, captivate your customers, and stay ahead of the competition with our unmatched selection and commitment to excellence. 

If you’re ready to take your cosmetics to the next level, contact us today to discuss your specific needs. 

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