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Discover our full line of pigments, dyes and fine chemicals

  • Nothing touches us in our daily lives more than personal care products. From the soap we wash with to the toothpaste we use, our lives are touched by these products each and every day.

    Vivify understands the importance of color being used as brand identity; but as a family owned company, we’re intensely aware that these colors need to be safe and sustainable. That’s why all of our colors for the personal care industry are held to the strictest standards the industry has available.

    When you choose to use color from Vivify for your personal care product, you can feel comfortable knowing that we have taken every precaution to ensure your satisfaction and most importantly, your family’s safety.

    In addition to the spectrum of colors, Sandream Impact also provides a collection of low and high viscosity hydrogenated polydecenes in our PureSyn and ClearSyn lines. These polyalphaolefins are high purity, bright, clear and perform ideally across multiple formulations in color cosmetics, skin care and other personal care products. In addition to these fluids, we supply NOO Crystal (Octyldodecyl Oleate and Tocopheryl Acetate), a versatile emollient derived from Olive Oil. This ester is a natural dispersant, delivers an excellent sensory profile and may be used to replace volatile silicones.

    Looking for a WOW factor? Sandream Impact can capture customers’ eyes with our Dream Fx line of innovative visual delivery systems. Available in 5 different forms ( Silks, Petals, Colors, Softlets and Beads) these microcapsules are comprised of eco-friendly materials and can provide beauty and function to the most novel products in the personal care industry.”

  • Two of the most important words for detergent manufacturers are “brand identity”. Bright vivid colors allow you to separate yourselves from your competition and provide the consumer with the comfort of knowing they can count on that product to perform.

  • Remember how excited you would get as a child when you got a brand new box of crayons? Or a big pack of colored markers or colored pencils? Countless hours of sharing our colorful imaginations on paper for all the world to see. And, if you were talented enough, you might even be lucky to do that very same thing today.

    The artful expression of our imagination makes us human; it makes us who we are. Everyone here at Vivify is grateful that we are able to play a role in providing the exciting colors that spring to life from the human mind.

    Our full line of Pigments, Dyes and Liquid colorants ensures that there won’t be a single color your customer could dream of and not have. Our Quality Control group makes sure that each crayon, marker or pencil you create is made from the finest, most consistent and safest colorants in the market today.

    When you use colorants from Vivify you can rest assured that the colors your customer wants to share with the world are as they were intended; whether your customer’s goal is to have their art hanging from the wall of a museum or the family’s refrigerator.

  • Whether they’re being used to fill the room with your favorite scent or a child is making her birthday wish before blowing out the flames, Candles can be found in 70% of all households in the United States. Consumers all over the world are now regularly purchasing candles for themselves or as a gift to be used as home décor and choosing specific candle colors to tie together the rooms in their homes.

    Let Vivify's large product portfolio help you create every color combination imaginable and give your customers the candles that can tie together any color scheme and keep your profits from going up in smoke!

  • The first record of dyeing fabric dates back to 2600 B.C. and the first written mention of colored paper comes to us from Northern Italy, in 1389. The ancients, as well as those from the Late Middle Ages, were limited to what their environment could offer in dyes and pigments; luckily, today things are much different.

    Vivify's full line of dyes, pigments and fine chemicals offer our world vibrant and unique colors the ancients could never have dreamed possible. In fact, once you take a look at the line of colors we have available at Vivify; you may find that even your wildest dreams are now a possibility.

  • Stripes of assorted colors

    We are only limited by our imagination as to what can be done with color. Color is being used in all sorts of industries; leather finish, fuel dyes, latex and rock salt coloration, just to name a few. It would be impossible to name them all.

    What’s not impossible is finding a product that will be the perfect fit for your particular application.

    Call us today to find out how we can help!


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