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FD&C Dyes

Struggling to find vibrant and safe coloring solutions for your food, drug, or cosmetic products? Say goodbye to your coloring challenges with Vivify! With our extensive range of FD&C dyes, you can elevate the visual appeal of your products while meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

What Are FD&C Dyes?

FD&C dyes are a group of color additives approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in food, drugs, and cosmetics. They give appealing colors to different products, allowing businesses to cater to the preferences of consumers.

Other Vivify Dyes

  • Acid Dyes: They are vibrant colorants suitable for protein-based fibers like silk and wool. They work best in an acidic environment and are often used in textiles and leather industries.
  • Basic Dyes: They are highly soluble and used for coloring materials like paper, textiles, and plastics. 
  • Direct Dyes: They are applied directly to the material without the need for a mordant. 
  • Disperse Dyes: Primarily used for synthetic fibers like polyester and acetate. They disperse in water and are suitable for dyeing fabrics with hydrophobic properties. 
  • Pond Dyes: Designed to enhance the aesthetics of water bodies, such as ponds and lakes. They help control algae growth and improve water clarity. 
  • Solvent Dyes: Soluble in non-polar solvents like oil and are often used for coloring plastics, fuels, and other industrial products. 
  • Vat Dyes: These dyes are used for cellulosic fibers like cotton and require a reducing agent to become water-soluble. 
  • Inkjet Dyes (powder and liquid form): Utilized in inkjet printing technology to produce high-quality prints on surfaces like paper and textiles.
  • Salt-Free Dyes: They provide coloration without the need for salt as a dye assistant. 

Why Choose Us for Your FD&C Dyes Needs? 

Unrivaled Expertise

With years of experience in the field of color additives, we have honed our expertise in FD&C dyes. Our in-depth understanding allows us to offer expert guidance and a diverse selection to cater to your coloring needs. 

Extensive Range of Colors

Whether you need bold and vibrant hues or subtle pastels, we have the perfect FD&C dye to fulfill your requirements.  

Compliance and Safety 

Our FD&C dyes undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest industry standards for safety and purity, including FDA regulations.

Reliable Supply Chain 

Thanks to our dependable supply chain, our FD&C dyes are readily available when you need them. You can count on us for consistent and on-time deliveries, whether you require small or large quantities.

Global Presence

Our FD&C dyes are trusted and used by manufacturers worldwide. We have a global presence that allows us to serve local and international businesses of all sizes.  

Elevate Your Products with Vivify’s FD&C Dyes 

Choosing the right FD&C dyes is essential for achieving the perfect color in your food, drug, or cosmetic products. Vivify is your one-stop solution for high-quality, FDA-approved dyes that meet regulatory standards and enhance the visual appeal of your products. 

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how our FD&C dyes can help you achieve your color goals. Let’s bring color to your creations! 

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